Bringing you local chemical free produce, meats, eggs, honey, and soaps

Kragnes Family Farms

Our Bee's are raised chemical free. We use several different organic methods for pest control. Honey can be purchased from the farm in the fall





Tyne's Tiny Bubble Soaps are all natural, made with essential oils, mica's and clay's for colorant, and high quality oils.  We have 35 different verities  of soap in our line. We also can make special requests for bulk orders.

Along with soaps we make lotion bars, chapstick, and message oils. You can purchase soaps from the farm graham's grocery , and crossroads grocery. to purchase Tyne's tiny bubble soap products from the farm stop by call or e-mail. Currently the stores are sold out of soap and will be replenished soon.   

Eggs can be picked up at the farm daily. Our egg layers are pastured and  live in mobile chicken tractors. A chicken tractor is basically a mobile coop that allows our birds to get fresh grass and bugs everyday while utilizing all of the space available and keep them safe from predators . We also supplement our birds with organic feed. We currently have about 30 chickens laying and look forward to July when we will have our 100 new additions laying. as soon as we have excess eggs you will be able to buy them at crossroads grocery as well.

Along with our 7 acres of good vegetable land we have 15 acres of pasture land that we raise grass fed beef, lamb, goat, and chicken. This year we will have 4 steers, 10 lambs, 2 goats, and 600 pastured chickens available for purchase. As a good organic practice our animals get rotated through several paddocks throughout the summer so that they receive good clean grass as well as keeping the pastures healthy.  


can be bought by the quarter half or whole cow. Beef is 3.50 a pound hanging weight plus cut a wrap.



Can be bought by half or whole lamb

$5.00 a pound hanging plus cut and wrap



can be bought by whole or half goat

$4.00 a pound hanging weight plus cut and wrap



our chickens are pastured in chicken tractors. a mobile pen that moves every day to give them clean healthy grass and bugs as well as protect them from predators.

Chicken is sold by whole bird.

$3.50 a pound butchered , wrapped and ready to go.

We will be doing 3 batches of chickens this season, in batches of 200. so you will have 3 different chances to purchase them.