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Kragnes Family Farms


CSA stands for community Supported Agriculture. Basically it is like a subscription farm. The idea is that you pay at the beginning of the season, which helps fund your farmer with spring costs. Such as seeds and soil amenities...  Then you, the shareholder benefit from receiving amazingly fresh produce that come straight from your local farmer. Another up side is that most of the time you save money. The last few years our regular share members save about 45 % of cost on there produce and family share holders save about 51 % of cost on their produce. CSA's were very common years ago when farmers did not have the startup and consumers did not have the time or space to grow their own food. It also kept the farmers around if there was a bad season.

By becoming a member of our CSA you will receive 17 weeks of fresh produce, a weekly newsletter, recipes, farm tours, you pick events, and first pick on any extras that our farm produces. throughout the season we like to do three main farm events. We plan to have our first event close to the beginning of the season. This event is to give you a chance to see where your food come from. Our second event is a mid season event. At this event you will get a chance to see everything in bloom when it is big nd beautiful. You will harvest surplus produce to take home, and we will have a pot luck. The fall event is our pumpkin patch pick!

Every season is different but we are planning to have our first delivery around mid to end of July.

By purchasing a regular share you will receive a 1/2 bushel box of produce each week for 17 weeks. this share is a good size for 2-3 people that eat a good amount of produce.

Half share price is $450.00 for the season    

By purchasing a family share you will receive a full bushel box of produce each week for 17 weeks. This share is a good size for 4-6 people that eat a good amount of produce.

Full share pricing is $800.00 for the season.

Each box is filled with season produce. We like to put 8 to 10 different varieties of produce in each box so that you don't get a full box of one item. another great reason to be a CSA members is to learn how to enjoy the season produce and appreciate what our climate creates for us.